About our company

Factory AI was established with a clear mission: to make innovation accessible to all in the manufacturing sector.

A great story always starts with a great team

Factory AI emerged from solving a critical issue for a customer who suffered significant losses due to unplanned downtime. We are deeply dedicated to the industry we collaborate with. Our aim is to streamline the operations of reliability and maintenance teams, enabling manufacturers to achieve significant cost savings, improve their profit margins, and consistently deliver exceptional products to their customers.

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Helping you fuel innovation through focused work, and leave firefighting behind

At Factory AI, our distinct expertise and approach set us apart. We are now demonstrating that artificial intelligence can be harnessed by manufacturers in the food and beverage industry to reduce downtime, alleviate workloads, and offer unprecedented benefits to reliability and maintenance teams.

Our values

The values that drive everything we do

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Win / Win

Our primary focus is on solving our customers' problem. This creates a better experience and generates more value for them. In turn this helps us build a more successful business.

But how deeply focused are we on our customers? Let’s showcase this with a story. A customer recently asked us why work with us as opposed to a more established company. Our answer was simple: “if you’re not successful, we won’t sleep at night.” That’s how focused we are on our customers.

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We Listen and Keep Our Word

We pledge to always be honest and stick to our commitments, working hard to earn and keep your trust. Our approach begins with listening and understanding before seeking to be understood. We recognise that trust is hard-earned and easily lost, which fuels our commitment to long-term thinking.

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We take Ownership and Action

Innovation will happen faster every day. We make decisions with our best judgement, but we do not wait, we take action quickly to innovate fast.

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